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Welcome to our city...
 Vampires Suck is a truly terrible movie. That is all.
Can You Feel The Edge?
Happy Halloween!
May all your haunts come true! :)

Can You Feel The Edge?
It's been a while since I've posted so I thought I'd drop in to say that I'm not dead (at least, not yet). Real life just seems to have pounced on me and left me little to no time to post - not that I did much but, still, I'm alive!
Can You Feel The Edge?
Can You Feel The Edge?
Waking in the middle of the night, sleep deprived and zombie walking to the kitchen. The huge turkey shoved in the oven while the intoxicating smell of coffee burning in the air with the start of my morning. The phone calls start before I am able to finish my first cup, warm bright voices of relatives who seem surprising bright despite the darkness outside. Aunt, Mother, Sisters. Each wanting to bring a extra dish despite the fact, as with every year, I have over prepared almost every side dish. My refrigerator always seems to bulge with uncooked pots and pans this time of year, even though the rest of the time it is a Petri dish for my leftovers.

Relatives arriving already despite the fact the invitation were for one to two hours later then their arrival. As with every year, I mentally remark that I need to push back the time of invitation. (Forgotten as always by the next year) I am in full Thanksgiving mode at this moment. Dishes are moving in and out of my oven, and I am letting my relative arrange everything.

Dinner. We have gave our thanks, each happy no matter what our problems are at the moment. Each of us talking over each other, laughing and at peace. My Mother and Aunt talking about the after Thanksgiving sales, comparing to get the best deals. Every year is the same, our peculiar tradition that has yet to fail.
Can You Feel The Edge?
Alright I have been in love with audiobooks for, well, since I heard my first one. Murder on the Orient Express with a full cast. Now, I love anything with cast members whether 2-10 or 1 with dozens of different voices. However, I really don't like, actually can't really stand audiobooks with voice actors who make no effort to draw me in. For example the Twilight series. I listened to the first audiobook, which I had been super excited by, only to be disappointed. I felt bored... Which leaves me completely disappointed.

However, I also picked up a newer audiobook called "Shiver". Not the greatest story I have ever heard but I love the audiobook. 2 different voice actors who drew me into the story line so much I literally listened to it at every second I could get. I loved it so much I finally ripped it off the cds to put on my ipod. Okay, for those who have no idea what 'Shiver' is. The story line is a romance between a boy who keeps on turning into a wolf when winter comes, and a girl who is in love with him and obessed with him in wolf form. Fun! Worth getting from the local library or even buying.

Now, if anyone has any recommendation I would love them and I will offer some in exchange.


World War Z -Probably the best audiobook I have ever heard in my life. A little difficult at times to take because it seems so real, even though it is about zombies. However, that gives you the idea how strong the performances of the voices actors are.

Lolita- Completely drew me in with how descriptive Vladimir Nabokov book, not to mention Jeremy Irons is voice acting for the audiobook. Nothing brings a book more to life then having the same actor doing a movie, and the audiobook. Amazing.

Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea, and My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands by Chelsea Handler- These audiobooks remind me of, the smart assed friend who always has a outlandish story to tell you. Hilarious! Worth the hunt for them, I borrowed mine from a friend.

Dame Ragnell- Older audiobook with a voice actor who tries his damnest to do each character. Set in King Author realm, with a beauty and the beast twist. Sweet, and nothing more then romance.

Roman Lives by Plutarch/Greek Lives - Interesting biographies, makes history come to life with a voice actor that reminds me of the old Jim Henson series, "The storyteller".

Great course with The Teaching Company Audiobooks- Okay not really a audiobook, but great if you want to learn something new while on a lunch break. They vary from 30 minutes to 45 minutes but I have listened to lectures about Jazz, Hitler, Philosophy, Opera, Science Fiction, Shakespeare, the English language. That is just what I have gotten from the local library, and my own dime.

A Short History of Nearly Everything- Okay this is so interesting. Worth listening to even if it is long. 17 hours and 48 minutes.

Toast: Complete & Unabridged: The Story of a Boy's Hunger- Random thoughts thrown into a blender and filling this book. The author reads the audiobook which adds a snap to the storytelling.

Julie and Julia- Listened to this before the movie was on the scene but I like how is you learn about how she learned to grow from a Julia Childs cookbook. A delicious audiobook!

Well, that's all for now. I have listened to lots more but those stand out to me at this moment. If you have any recommendation that would be great or if not I use my local library to feed my audiobook addiction.
Can You Feel The Edge?
Been really into period dramas lately. If any suggestions I would love them. Thanks!
7 Edged or Can You Feel The Edge?
A fun and wacky play! Worth the watch on
Can You Feel The Edge?
HARRY POTTER...the child wizard that is going to be released onto the big screen for the 6th time coming up. I can't wait, it is sad but true that I have been looking forward to this movie since the last. Of course I am in a group of thousands so being a dork with alot of friends is pretty darn awesome.
Can You Feel The Edge?
Can't wait for the newest harry potter.
Can You Feel The Edge?